Omnidirectional electret condenser microphone

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Product Finder Tool. Competitor's Part Search. Our Intervox Electret Condenser Microphone Element line consists of a diversified range of products that include omni directional, unidirectional, and noise canceling types. By using the finest materials, these microphone elements meet the demands of today's telecommunication, voice recognition and sensory device applications. These microphones are available in various sizes and terminations so that they can be used in a variety of designs.

Cable and connector assemblies for special applications are also available. Telephone: Company Profile. Product Overview. Product Search. Sales Representatives Industrial Distributors. What's New. Resource Center. Choose Request Sample Request Quote. Home Electret Condenser Microphones. Electret Condenser Microphones Our Intervox Electret Condenser Microphone Element line consists of a diversified range of products that include omni directional, unidirectional, and noise canceling types.

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The mics sport a completely redesigned, lightweight, one-size-fits-all headset that attaches over the ears for maximum comfort. What they lack in size, they more than make up for in clarity, consistency and durability — three qualities that really matter. Be the first to hear about our new products, workshops, events, contests and more. This website uses cookies, and also collects some information using Google Analytics. Please review our Cookie Policy, which can be found here.

omnidirectional electret condenser microphone

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Required Invalid Email. Required Invalid Email Required. Mic University. This article list all the performance-related differences that exist when comparing omnidirectional and directional microphones. A cardioid may be the right choice, but often an omni would give a better performance, because of its sonic qualities, low handling- wind- and pop-noise and lack of proximity effect.

Furthermore, the "leakage" in a DPA omnidirectional microphone will sound more natural. Leakage is only a problem if it sounds bad. If the leakage from one sound source in another microphone sounds natural, it can purely be beneficial in the way that it adds natural room tone to the character of the sound source. All DPA Microphones - directional and omnidirectional - have an extremely smooth and natural off-axis response. The microphone will not only sound good on axis but also off-axis.

Hereby we offer the engineer the possibility to achieve more honest and natural pick ups and a better tool to adapt his miking technique.This is for sure one the most desired equipments to have at your home recording studio. The condenser microphone is a transducer, just like any other microphone, meaning it transforms one type of energy into another. In this case it turns mechanic energy into electric energy; air sound wave into audio signal. However, some of the nuances it is able to capture are the main reason for its extensive use in voice recordings as much as of instruments in general.

Besides, due to their reputation in the recording business, those are probably the most expensive microphones you will find. In this article we will talk about their characteristics and working. A microphone is a transducer.

Microphones can be divided by their capsule construction style. These shapes are:.

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The condenser microphone generally has an embedded electronic circuit. This circuit can contain a tube or valve, like in guitar amps, for example picture 1 ; transistors being a solid-state mic ; or even be an electret microphone. By design, condenser microphones have high transient response and a excellent response to high frequencies. Its capsule is composed of two thin metal plates, very close to each other.

In physics, that is same characteristic of a capacitor, so that is why condenser microphones are also known as capacitor microphones. One of the plates is movable and behaves as a diaphragm, while the other plate called backplate is fixed.


The moving plate is generally gold plated in order to conduct electrical current properly figure 2. Both plates are connected to a converter that generates output tension. As in the illustration below:. As the plate moves it creates electric potential difference — that difference is the signal captured being transmitted.

However, this level of signal is very low and needs to be amplified. As we have seen, there is an internal circuit of the microphone, this circuit increases the gain of the signal and requires electrical power to work.

Electret microphone

The metal plates also need to be powered with electrical tension. Fun fact: electret condenser microphones require phantom power only for amplification. Their backplate is polarized by design.

omnidirectional electret condenser microphone

Some models of condenser microphones only have one polar pattern. Other models have multiple patterns to choose from, therefore called multi-pattern. The sensibility of a microphone is directly related to the voltage coming out of the capsule. The very high voltage output of condenser microphones makes necessary to have way lower gain on the preamp. A dynamic microphone usually needs a much higher gain.

Keep in mind that the volume of those three sounds is vey different, even if they are all played with the highest intensity possible. So what does high transient response means anyway? It means condenser microphones capture a lot more detail than any other microphones, because of the light structure of their diaphragm that moves easily even with low intensity sound sources. Due to the fast transient response and high sensibility to air flow and sibilance, it may ring a bell of what is a pop filter for.

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Dynamic vs Condenser Microphones, What's the Difference?

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omnidirectional electret condenser microphone

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International Components Corporation reserves the right to make changes in any specification, data or material contained herein. Use the filters below to narrow your search resultsRecording with the best omnidirectional microphone is easy and can give you major tonal advantages without excess gain. Omni mics do produce gain in the critical zone, but outside of that they have plenty of advantages.

This is a full list of the best omnidirectional microphones to record your guitar, podcast, or anything else in your recording studio.

Check Current Price. In the world of microphones, Blue is a relatively new kid on the block. By the time it was founded inthere were already established brands on ground.

2pcs Electret OmniDirectional Condenser Microphone

Despite this, Blue has gone on to make a name for itself and has continued to do so. The microphone we are looking at here is the very popular Yeti. This is a USB microphone that is among the most sought after by podcasters. It is designed with three condenser capsules that allow it support four different polar patterns. You simply switch to the pattern that best meets your need at the time. Your options are cardioid, stereo, bidirectional and omnidirectional. It also has a gain knob for controlling the level that goes into your device and a volume knob for managing the headphone level from its direct headphone out.

This microphone does not require any additional preamp as it has an internal preamp that sends an already optimized signal out. It is very easy to use because it is plug and play which is what has made it a favorite with podcasters. This is a lovely microphone that is easy to setup and use. However, it is best for vlogging or podcasting. It may not find a practical use in a professional recording environment. Rode is an established microphone brand that has been in the market since It has delivered a lot of top quality microphones that are being used in different sectors of the music industry.

It is a condenser microphone with a polar pattern. Pinned to your lapel or collar, you can speak normally and it will easily capture what you are saying. This microphone makes it easy to improve the quality of your audio on videos, podcasts and more. It is equipped with a kevlar reinforced cable which ensures durability, as it will not easily get stretched or severed in the course of your normal use.

The same goes for the clip which is designed to withstand the rigors of regular use. You will also get a foam windscreen which will serve as both a pop filter and shield against wind noise. This microphone offers a professional level output and is very easy to use especially with your mobile devices. If you will be doing a lot of audio recordings using your smartphone or other mobile device and want to get as professional an output as you can, then you should consider getting this microphone.

Movo is a company that is consumed with a desire to enable content creators do what they do best with ease and professionalism, using simple and affordable tools. Since one of the areas of greatest challenge, especially for vloggers, podcasters and others who create content is audio recording, the brand offers this microphone to make life easier for them. The HM-M2 is a dynamic, handheld microphone designed to aid on the field interviews. It features an omnidirectional pickup pattern that ensures uniform all-round sound pickup.

As part of its design, it does not need to be powered by external phantom power. To further make it ideal for its purpose, it has an in-built pop filter that reduces plosives from anyone speaking in close proximity to it and also cuts down on wind noise that may be prevalent on some field projects.

This microphone is specially designed for speech so its frequency response range is optimized just for that. It is ruggedly designed for easy handling and movement while its discreet finish makes it blend well into shots.An electret microphone is a type of electrostatic capacitor-based microphonewhich eliminates the need for a polarizing power supply by using a permanently charged material.

An electret is a stable dielectric material with a permanently embedded static electric dipole moment which, due to the high resistance and chemical stability of the material, will not decay for hundreds of years. The name comes from electr ostatic and magn et ; drawing analogy to the formation of a magnet by alignment of magnetic domains in a piece of iron. Electrets are commonly made by first melting a suitable dielectric material such as a plastic or wax that contains polar moleculesand then allowing it to re-solidify in a powerful electrostatic field.

The polar molecules of the dielectric align themselves to the direction of the electrostatic field, producing a permanent electrostatic "bias". Modern electret microphones use PTFE plastic, either in film or solute form, to form the electret.

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Electret materials have been known since the s and were proposed as condenser microphone elements several times, but they were considered impractical until the foil electret type was invented at Bell Laboratories in by James West and Gerhard Sesslerusing a thin metallized Teflon foil.

There are three major types of electret microphones, differing in the way the electret material is used:. Unlike other condenser microphoneselectret types require no polarizing voltage, but they normally contain an integrated preamplifierwhich does require a small amount of power often incorrectly called polarizing power or bias.

This preamp is frequently phantom powered in sound reinforcement and studio applications. Other types simply include a 1.

2pcs Electret OmniDirectional Condenser Microphone

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